Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy days kaburlu

If Anand was like a good coffee, happy days is like every dish you rememer which you have tasted, cooked by the worlds best cook...yes...the movie is all about the reminiscence.

When i watched the movie for the first time, it seemed to me like an ordinary movie with good music....but even after two days i could still remember the scenes of the movie which i could relate to some of my college incidents....funny...then i understood that its really a good movie.

Actually there's nothing so special about the story of this movie..its actually the scenes and characters in thosescenes are the ones which deserve to be appreciated.

The movie is actually narrated by "Chandu" (Varun Sandesh) starts with his narration about the changes in his life from his first day of engineering and ends with the completion of his graduation...meanwhile, he is introduced to life....friendship, love, cheating, tragedy, failure, success..everything..he went through almost all the aspects a college guy would go through. Through this character which revolves around the other characters of the film i.e. his other classmates and his own buddies, you will actually identify yourself or your own friends and eventually remember your college days.

Sekhar Kammula has succeeded in presenting an entertaining movie with all new faces. The way Sekhar has introduced, linked and narrated the characters is pretty good. He aptly chose the actors for all the characters and treated thesame with class. He has dealt with all the aspects which a engineering student actually goes through. Right from the introduction to college all the way to the farewell scene he has dealt with ragging, fights with seniors, freshers party, friend ship, soft corners, ego clashes, betrayals, love tragedy, exam results, ambitions, campus interviews and finally confusion....:)..

The scene which i liked most is the climax scene where Chandu explains his confused state by saying "aslemi ledu...nenemi nerchukunna...nenemi saadhinchaanu...". Then professor says, "college ki achieve cheyydaniki evaru raaru chandu...achieve chese capacity ni sampayinchukuntaru".

There are many good scenes in the movie, but, i liked the songs much. Infact there are some bit songs which are pretty good.In the episode where Madhu wears "Langa-Oni" when asked by Chandu, there is a bit song explaining the feelings of Chandu:
"ninna choosi vennele anukunna
monna kooda ninnala kalaganna
adigetu padutunna
kunukaina raani samarana
kanu mooste chalu tamarena
pena vesukunna pranayamuna yamunaa teerena"
"Kunukaina raani samarana...kanu mooste chalu tamarena" is very well written.

In the episode where chandu feels that he is not able to get Madhu's love:
"ningi loni taraga neevunna
nelakande daarule choostunna
eduruga nenunnna
eragavu kaastaina
oka manasu tapana choosaina
odi cheravela o lalana
alajadulu bayatapadutunna avuna kaadanna..

kariga oka theepi kalaga..migila eenadu shilaga..
musirey nee theepi kalalanni.. saakshalugaa..."

The songs "Arere arere", "Jil Jil Jinga" and "Oh my friend" are beautiful. Music director Mickey J Meyer definitely deserves a special mention for the music.
One my collagues said to me that the song "Oh my friend" is not apt here. Rather she felt that this song would be apt between childhood friends than engineering friends. Below lyrics might be the reason:
"vaane vastey kaagitaaley padavalayye gnapakaale
ninnu chooste chinnanaati chetalannee chentavaaley"
But i think this line means that "the joy and fun you get in the company of a true friendship will be as innocent as the fun you had in childhood while playing in rain", which is very much apt in this song.

Anyways, happy days is worth watching and for me this movie (Video and Audio) will be found in my favourite collections.


లెనిన్‌కన్ బండి said...

bagundira nee gola dimbhak...

Ratnavalli said...

chala baga rasaru. ciname kooda chala adbhutam .. 6 sarlu choosanu ippatiki. inka bore kaaledu. malli chooddaniki ready .

Vishwa said...


Can you translate the lyrics of Ninna Choosi in English. Also, Arey Arey lyrics. Doesnt have to be exact.

I loved this movie and Anand as well. Both movies leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

Sowmz said...


ya i got da same feeling wat u get after 2 days of cing da mve.. on da first day i thought it is a normal mve but later anukunna "arey nenenduku Btech chadavaley four yrs of frndship enta baavuntundoo" ani..

after gng through ur post i am able to c da mve again.. nice explanation keep it up...

malathi said...

veturi gaari padajalam.., :)

kunukaina raani samaraana..,

kanumooste chalu tamarena.., wow..,

it says " when im struggling with

sleep, in case i do.., its

again only u... :)

malathi said...

veturi gari padajalam :)

kunukaina raani samaraana...,

kanumooste chalu tamarena.., :)

it says.., " when im struggling to

sleep, even if i do..., its again

only you "